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Whatever age we are, each of us hopes to be happy and to live with meaning and joy. Much of our satisfaction comes from finding a balance between being true to what brings us pleasure, and giving the best of ourselves in ways that matter.  Calling unites these possibilities, and developing our connection with calling is a precious ally in creating happy, fulfilling futures. Calling is often subtle, and comes as a whisper. But that whisper is precious.

'the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams'
eleanor roosevelt

On this workshop, we devote a day to deepening our connection with Calling. For some of us that will be to refine our sense of a particular calling; for others to regain a sense of purpose; and for some to stumble upon or clarify a purpose we have missed or underappreciated. Whatever we bring to the day, each of us will be supported in clarifying our inner visions and uncovering our hunches and instincts about what matters most to us now.  

We will draw on ideas from James Hillman - who wrote an exceptional book on calling in The Soul's Code - John Dewey - who had a rounded understanding of the breadth and multiplicity of our Callings, psychoanalyst Christopher Bollas who had a rich understanding of our creativity and uniqueness as a 'force of destiny', and the Japanese concept of Ikigai.  These voices invite us to rediscover the territory of calling in a rch, open way. We will look at the theme from a variety of angles, fleshing out the unique ways that Calling speaks to us. 

We will work in a safe, supportive and confidential way, attempting to shed fresh light on each of these themes. Through a blend of theoretical input, inquiry exercises, brief meditations, and group engagement, each person will be supported to make fresh contact with how these issues affect them, and re-orient their sense of meaning and purpose. The emphasis will be on exploring this territory from an embodied, available presence.  We aim to deepen our understanding of what has spoken to us in our quietest moments, and to clarify what is most vital in our lives and worthy of energy and commitment. Certificates of attendance are available on request. Max participants 16.

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Emma Philbin Bowman

Emma Philbin Bowman works in Dublin as a psychotherapist, teacher and writer. She has a special interest in the interface between spirituality and psychological integration.

She holds a first class honours BA in Philosophy and English Literature from UCD, and later trained as a psychotherapist at the Institute for Creative Counselling. She is also profoundly influenced by an extensive exposure to Buddhist and Advaita traditions, and has sat many meditation retreats over the past twenty five years. She has also trained as a Mindfulness Teacher and lectures at UCD on the MSc in Mindfulness and with The Mindfulness Centre in Pembroke St.

In recent years, she has focused on deeply exploring contemporary approaches to spirituality which emphasize psychological integration and relational inquiry alongside dimensions of presence and emptiness. She is an ongoing student of the Diamond Approach (Scandinavia) since 2013, and more recently has undertaken extensive online trainings in Mystical Principles of Healing and Transparent Communication with contemporary mystic, Thomas Hubl. In terms of the interface between psychotherapy and meditation, she is also influenced by Bruce Tift, AH Almaas and Barry Magid.

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