NEW Tuesday Evening (MBSR/MBCT) for Women

6:30 pm
9:15 pm
8 Weeks
Erica Balfour
Facilitator's Profile
Online via Zoom
€350 (If cost is an obstacle to joining this group - contact us directly for info on concession rates)

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Once your deposit has been received, and prior to attending an 8-week course, the teacher will contact you to arrange an orientation phone call. The reason for this is to ensure you are informed about what to expect from participating in this course and to make sure this is a suitable time for you to attend this 8-week course. By the end of the conversation you can decide whether or not to proceed, together with the teacher. It is an intensive course and at times can be challenging, so it’s our ethical responsibility to set this time aside to link up and discuss this with you.

If you decide not to go ahead, your deposit will be refunded in full.

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Course Information

With a particular emphasis on the female experience, Erica teaches how to integrate mindful awareness of the body, emotions, thoughts and deeply held beliefs as they influence our mood, vitality, behaviour, relationships and health. Many women in previous groups have discussed how they find themselves feeling scattered, and over-stretched by the demands of family, work, and multiple responsibilities. As well as these demands, navigating monthly hormonal fluxes that can influence our sensitivities and capacities, one way or the other, isn't easy and we might feel caught in habit patterns that effect our quality of life. In addition, culture and society expects that women look & behave in certain ways which can leave us feeling that we are repeatedly falling short.

Inevitably, the ability to meet all these demands decreases and self criticism is never far behind. Becoming more aware and accepting of the ebbs and and flows of our experience, supports us to move from reacting to responding - improving our relationships, productivity, creativity, emotional intelligence and stress management. This MBSR/MBCT for Women is an 8 week course, which creates a safe space for women to explore the many ways that being a women is challenging but also magnificent and how with mindfulness we can strengthen our capacity to be loving, sensitive, balanced, attuned human beings and to be our own ally even in the midst of a constantly fluxing world. We will learn together, practical ways how to cultivate awareness & compassion for our bodies and to more deeply understand our minds and hearts, just as they are.  MBSR/MBCT can be a liberating, transformative training, that sets us on a path to be in relationship with all the parts of ourselves (even the hormanal parts!) and to befriend our lives how they actually are.

For further details of current research studies into Mindfulness based Approaches

Course Dates

  • Starts 21st September
  • Mini retreat on the 24th October
  • No class on 28th October during mid term
  • Ends 16th November


“I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude towards Erica for leading us through the 8 week MBSR program. I really felt a lot of warmth and compassion on both an individual and collective level. It was an experience that I hope will nurture my ability to be compassionate and caring towards myself and others even in stressful and less happy times.  I thought the course was excellently structured and taught. The interaction with yourself and the other participants was invaluable to me at this time. I  am sure the experience is very different when taught in a non remote environment but I still felt the benefits through Zoom.”

Pat – participant of online MBSR/MBCT programme

“Attending the course has been a completely new learning experience for me. Learning about myself this time, the learning that can be the most challenging of all but the learning that it is the most needed. Learning to know, support and heal myself in life. Thank you so much for guiding me through it and all your beautiful work Erica.”

“Thanks Erica for this 8 week MBSR course. I am constantly learning and it has really helped me with my practice to begin again and remembering the attitudinal foundations of mindfulness. It was really good to be part of this community at this time.”

“Thank you so much for your MBSR course. It was really wonderful and it was such a gorgeous group of people. It was great to have that support as I went through a difficult challenging time and to help me to respond better to the number hindrances that were arising in my practice.”


Erica Balfour

BSc (Environmental Science), Grad Dip Psychotherapy, Dip Counselling Skills, Dip in Mindfulness Based Interventions, Dip in Mindful Communication

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Erica Balfour

Mindfulness Teacher, Course Co-ordinator of The Mindfulness Centre for Professional Training, Director of Mindfulness
Teachers Association of Ireland.

Erica trained with the founders of The Mindfulness Centre for Professional Training in 2015 and is now a Course coordinator with the centre. She trained to teach Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). She trained also in Mindful Communication with Greenzone Institute in 2018 to lead groups. She is a supervisor and trained in MBI TAC. She is currently studying a MSc in Psychotherapy.

Mindfulness Training in the Workplace

Along with colleagues from the teaching team with The Mindfulness Centre , Erica facilitates online sessions and courses which are tailored mindfulness and compassion-based trainings using the latest researh and neuroscience designed for work places and organisations.

Therapeutic Approach
Erica has a HDip in psychotherapy and is currently undergoing a MSc in Psychotherapy and her understanding of the therapeutic relationship and developmental theory informs her mindfulness work.

Previous Experience

Erica has worked for many years in the  eco-tourism industry followed by a number of years in banking.  Working and understanding the culture in corporate organisations has been foundational in her application of mindfulness and compassion based intervention in the workplace.


BSc, Environmental Science, University of Ulster
HDip Psychotherapy, University College Dublin
Certificate in Counselling, National College of Ireland
MBSR & MBCT teacher (Mindfulness Centre for Professional Training)

Diploma in Mindful Communication
paws.b teacher (Mindfulness in Schools Project)


Mindfulness Teaching and Training

I teach the following mindfulness courses:

  • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction
  • Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy

I meet the requirements of the Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses published by the Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland To view these, go to good practice guidelines

Personal Practice

I’ve had a personal meditation practice since 2010. My foundational practices are mindfulness, vipassana and compassion based and my practice is informed by embodied inquiry. I have regularly attended silent meditation retreats and I have one-to-one weekly guidance from an experienced supervisor.


Since childhood, Erica has found solace in nature and in particular wildflowers & trees.  She is very interested in the nature of the human mind and has a particular interest in grief work and how this might play an key role in the way that we engage in social mindfulness with regards to biodiversity loss and the climate crisis. She is a podcast addict, cycling and is a huge fan of forests.

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