Befriending the Future: Presence, Intimacy, Emergence

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12:00 am
From June
Emma Philbin Bowman, MIAHIP
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How may we digest the past, engage more vividly in the present, and sense our futures with passion, intimacy and authenticity? These questions call us deeply, regardless of our stage in life.

Befriending the Future explores this territory, touching on themes of fate and destiny, digesting loss, and embracing fluidity and impermanence.

In this carefully-crafted journey, I clarify the origins of why our future can feel problematic and explore rich pathways to retrieve it as a source of creativity, energy and hope.  Over six modules – drawing on psychotherapy, spirituality and poetry, I weave kernels of deep theory, brief thematic videos, evocative quotations, and guided audio reflections. The material is designed to invite you into your own knowing and sensing of the theme and where it touches you. Befriending the Future will resonate with those who value texture, authenticity and a sensitivity to our unfolding nature.

Deliberately priced to cost less than a single therapy session (and with scholarship options for those who need them) the pre-recorded structure is designed to support you engage with these themes at a pace and rhythm that is right for you. Use the code MINDFUL for a 10% reduction on Regular course fee, or a 15% reduction on Supporters Fee.


Emma Philbin Bowman, MIAHIP



Emma Philbin Bowman, MIAHIP

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Emma Philbin Bowman, MIAHIP

Emma Philbin Bowman was born in Dublin in 1969, and now works as a psychotherapist, writer and group facilitator.

Her original (first class honours) degree was in Philosophy and English Literature; though those remain deep loves, since her early twenties she has been more inspired by humans and wisdom traditions outside of academia, so immersed herself in various Buddhist traditions, psychotherapy, and contemporary relational spiritual traditions such as the Diamond Approach and the work of Thomas Hubl.

She is passionate about our subtlety, uniqueness and complexity, and believe many of us have been insufficiently mirrored in these aspects. She is committed to learning about how we may continue to develop as individuals over the course of our lives, while also deepening in empathy and tribal capacity.

With her online offerings, she hopes to bring some of the intimacy, texture and depth of her clinical work to a wider field - including to those who may lack financial resources.

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