Live Online Guided Meditations, Free to All

Dear Friends,

The Mindfulness Centre offers a number of drop in sessions where we can gather online for Live meditations to provide a weekly anchor to support your practice.

The Monday night sessions are open for all and take place at 7pm. To receive a reminder with the zoom link register here.  We appreciate your being part of the community of practice. If you find the sessions helpful and would like to support the centre by making us a small donation you can buy us a coffee here

The Tuesday night sessions (7.30pm - 8.30pm) are for those who have completed the MBSR or MBCT programmes and would like to continue to explore their experience. These sessions are led by our senior trainee teachers. To receive the link register here.
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If you miss a session you can tune in to our recorded practices.  Just click on the links below under "More Resources" for pre-recorded guidance from members of the team.  

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Sunrise at Poolbeg Lighthouse, Dublin

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All the teachers offer their time freely however The Mindfulness Centre would very much welcome  small donations so that this long term offering is sustainable. There are the hidden real costs, for example the administration of the website. We want these Monday and Tuesday evenings to be open to all and not to charge a fee. In our economy which puts a price on everything this is unusual. In the “gift economy” this does not happen however an exchange is asked for that that is both affordable to the participants and allows the continuation of the offering by the teachers to continue.

More Resources

Outside of these online live guided sessions, there is plenty of support for your practice: