How Mental Health Occupational Therapy can support Adults

In Self Care

  • Establishing healthy routines for self care around sleep, eating habits, exercise and organising your time.
  • Practical tools to manage your time with a busy life styles. Coping with running a house hold, having a demanding stressful job, and/or being a parent.
  • Practical and accessible tools for regulating and managing emotions

In Work / Productivity

  • Building confidence and skills in the work place. Learning ways to support focus and reduce procrastination.
  • Supporting you to get back to work, studies, volunteering.
  • Helping you to advocate for any needs you might have in work/college, or when returning to do so

In Leisure / Hobbies / Connection

  • Achieving more balance in order to pursue more things that are meaningful and connecting more
  • Social Skills and Confidence
  • Exploring what balance looks like and seeing what you are interested in doing for fun/pleasure, or meeting new people/dating.

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