Panel of Mindfulness Supervisors

A space where the teacher flourishes

About Mindfulness Supervision

“A regular space that is contracted between supervisor and supervisee that enables them to reflect together on the supervisee’s mindfulness practice and explore how it impacts and integrates with their work and life. This process is dedicated to developing and deepening the growth, understanding and effectiveness of the supervisee’s application of mindfulness, both personally and in their working life”

The Supervisor “mindfully holds and balances the SUPPORTIVE, EDUCATIONAL and ETHICAL strands of supervision”

Tasks of Supervision

  1. To provide a safe and reflective space

  2. To aid development of knowledge, understanding and skills

  3. To provide feedback, stimulation and containment

  4. To challenge and stretch

  5. To promote excellence within the ethical framework of teaching mindfulness-based interventions

  6. To co-evaluate practice, in light of the MBI:TAC (Mindfulness-Based Approaches: Teaching Assessment Criteria, developed by Bangor, Exeter and Oxford Universities)

  7. Clinical supervision, where it is required, is provided within your own work context

Panel Of Mindfulness Supervisors

Here is the current panel of supervisors who have completed their training in supervision for mindfulness teachers with The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP),  Bangor University, Wales. Contact us at for more information.