How Mental Health Occupational Therapy can support Young People

Being a young person has never been more challenging than it is today. We specialise in supporting young people from ages 12 to 24 who are feeling challenged by their inner or outer worlds. These challenges may include feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, low mood, or depression, struggles with self-esteem/self-worth, motivation, anger, stress, worries, or difficulties in relationships.

We offer tailored practical assistance such as:

  • Building confidence and reducing feelings of low self worth
  • Practical tools to manage day to day tasks like finances, cooking, self-care (sleep, routines, phone use), and navigating public transportation.
  • Practice sessions to help with social and communication skills (these can be done online or out in the community)
  • Development of a tool box of coping mechanisms to manage anxiety, worry and procrastination.
  • Study skills, and preparing for exams in school or college
  • Learning practical skills to manage any sensory or emotional difficulties that might be affecting your capacity to study, concentrate or feel satisfied with friendships and socialising.

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