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Barry Lee
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€300 (I do not want money to be an insurmountable obstacle for people, so some concessions are available for those who need it.)

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Once your deposit has been received, and prior to attending a 10-week course, the teacher will contact you to arrange an orientation phone call. The reason for this is to ensure you are informed about what to expect from participating in this course and to make sure this is a suitable time for you to attend this 10-week course. By the end of the conversation you can decide whether or not to proceed, together with the teacher. It is an intensive course and at times can be challenging, so it’s our ethical responsibility to set this time aside to link up and discuss this with you.

If you decide not to go ahead, your deposit will be refunded in full.

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Course Information

Would you like to experience more joy in your life?

If yes, what do you feel gets in the way?

Many people find that the busyness of life robs them of the opportunity for a greater sense of enjoyment. Life then risks becoming more automatic, routine and dull.  This ten-step programme is a tried and tested way to make joy, contentment and ease more available to us.

About the course:

The Awakening Joy course is an internationally recognised 10-week programme designed by a leading expert on Mindfulness, James Baraz (and author of the book, Awakening Joy).  The course also draws on the work of world-renowned neuroscientist Rick Hanson whose specialist area is the science of happiness.

The programme is underpinned by three principles:

  1. An understanding that healthy activities support wholesome states of mind;
  2. Learning to intentionally cultivate wholesome states of mind and to be fully present to them; and
  3. Application of the insights of neuroscience which shows that joy, happiness and gratitude are states of mind that can be actively cultivated.  Learning that whatever we pay attention to actually changes the structure of the neural pathways in our brain and with training we can incline the mind towards joy.   

Over the ten weeks we will explore a variety of different themes which will help to reorient our minds away from dissatisfaction and distraction and toward the contentment and delight that is abundantly available in our everyday lives. The course is suitable if you've practiced lots of meditation before or if you are completely new to it!


“This course was truly invaluable for me.  I learned so much about myself and using new techniques for my every day wellness.  Barry guidance and delivery with the weekly support was outstanding.

I did the course on Zoom.  I can 100 % say I gained as much though Zoom as being in a room with Barry. I highly recommend "Awakening Joy".  

- Orlaith O’Reilly, 2021 course participant

“I participated in the Awakening Joy Course with Barry Lee. What a great idea! A course that focuses on Joy and was fun to do. I finished the course just over a week ago and the accumulation of benefits is evident to me. I found myself reconnecting with fun things I used to do, things I had forgotten about, which still bring me great joy. I notice I am doing them again. Barry is a great teacher he has an enthusiasm for the subject and is willing to share his own vulnerabilities which made the sessions truly authentic and allowed all of us to be more honest in a group setting. A very worthwhile use of time I always looked forward to our Sunday mornings together and the benefits are felt by self, family and friends. Be a seeker and savorer of Joy! Don’t miss this opportunity to cultivate more Joy in your life.” 

– Caitriona McColgan, 2019 course participant

“Thank you, Barry, for a really stimulating course that changes the way I face each day, and thanks to the other course participants for your valuable and thought-provoking contributions to discussion. Barry was very attentive and caring to each of us in the group. Always approachable and accessible, and his detailed follow-up emails have been fantastic for keeping me on track. The course has not only helped me, myself, but the benefits have 'rubbed off' onto those around me. My aunt had a stroke a few years ago which paralysed her left side and she is in a home. Her brain is not affected and she has changed from being one of the most fun-loving and cheerful persons I know to being very depressed… realising her limitations and mourning loss of dignity.  I visit her regularly and 'Awakening the Joy' has helped me to help her to have a different outlook. So much so, that I was delighted when I last left her when she said with a smile “That was a lovely visit!” Amazing in the circumstances.”

- Catherine McMahon, 2019 course participant

“I loved Barry's Awakening Joy course.  Barry is a fantastic teacher.  He's relaxed, kind and extremely knowledgeable and has a gift for helping you to see the world with fresh eyes. Since the course I've been having so much more fun with my children and I'm also better at savouring all those golden moments that happen during my day.”

- Mary Lovegrove, 2019 course participant


Barry Lee

Certified MBSR Teacher (Institute For Mindfulness Based Approaches); Certified Yoga Teacher (500 hours Yoga Alliance); Director of the Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland

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Barry Lee

Barry is a certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher and yoga instructor. He has practiced meditation for over ten years and has trained as a mindfulness teacher with the Institute for Mindfulness Based Approaches. He has since completed further training in a range of other mindfulness-based interventions including Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living and Awakening Joy. He is a member of the Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland and is a registered member of Yoga Alliance UK & Ireland (Certified Experienced Teacher).

Barry worked for over ten years as a corporate lawyer and has significant experience delivering mindfulness training to organisations in the corporate sector. In 2017, he founded Mindfulness for Law ( with the intention of bringing the benefits of mindfulness training to the legal profession. He has facilitated workshops and courses in many of the top Irish law firms.

In 2016, he co-founded Nature in Mind (, an educational organisation which aims to help people improve their health and well-being through mindfully connecting with the natural world.

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