The Mindful Workplace PAUSE Program

Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can support and empower us in many ways in our workplaces. We can learn to become less reactive, more creative and solution driven, and more connected to our colleagues and customers.

It’s about so much more than simple “wellness”...

It’s about increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

It’s about cultivating  focus, creativity, emotional resilience and non-reactivity.

And it’s about fostering psychological safety, healthy relationships and communication skills.

It’s not a “quick fix” but it can make a profound difference to the culture of any team or organisation.

Why Us?

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    The Mindfulness Centre is a leading training centre for safe, effective and evidence-based mindfulness programmes in Ireland.

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    Our team of teachers are all members of the Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland and have years of experience teaching mindfulness based programmes in a variety of settings.

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    Having worked in the corporate world ourselves, we understand the unique challenges involved. Our teachers have extensive experience working for national and multinational companies in the areas of legal services, research, marketing, strategy, administration and finance.

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    We design and facilitate safe, practical and effective mindfulness based programmes that always fit the context. We speak your language!

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    We offer your organisation a sustainable and strong framework which supports your team’s mental health and wellbeing during the training and beyond.

What do we offer?

  • A unique workplace ‘PAUSE’ mindfulness program which provides a clear roadmap to integrating mindfulness into your organisation.
  • We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. We offer evidence based programs with flexible modules undertaken over 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12-month timeframes.
  • A measurable transparent approach including pre and post course research.
  • Training and support for mindfulness ‘advocates’ within your organization to continue the work.
  • Integrating the Mindful PAUSE Workplace Program into the daily lives of staff and teams can allow key daily routine activities to be ‘reframed’ both in and outside of the workplace.

Why Pause?


Is about People who are stressed in our frantic workplaces (Research link) and long for a sense of connection and psychological safety.


Is about Awareness. At the heart of it, mindfulness is about cultivating self-awareness and has been shown to increase levels of emotional intelligence.


Is for Us. Strengthening our openness to connect and listen to each other.


Is for robust Scientific evidence (research link) and ongoing support from our team to your team.


Is for power of Empathy and its cognitive, emotional and compassionate elements

Introduction to Mindfulness or Mindful Self Compassion Sessions

45-180 Mins

1 Session

Mindfulness in the Workplace 6 Week Course

90 Mins

6 Weeks

up to 30 people

Mindful Self Compassion in the Workplace 6 Week Course

60-90 Mins

6 Weeks

up to 30 people

One to One Mindfulness and Self Compassion for Individuals

Bespoke Follow Up Support  - customised to suit your organization

A selection of some of our offerings

  • Introductory and advanced workshops on a variety of themes integrating mindfulness and relevant psycho-educational components.
  • Half-day immersive retreats.
  • Six week introductory courses (1.25 hours per week).
  • Gold standard evidence based courses (MBSR / MBCT / MSC) (2.5 hours per week).
  • One to one mindfulness coaching.
  • Weekly drop-in sessions.

(All of the above offerings can be facilitated “in-person” or “online”).

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