Course | Being Human: the ways we need each other with Emma Philbin Bowman

Being Human: the ways we need each other

“Life doesn’t make any sense without interdependence.
We need each other, and the sooner we learn that, the better for us all.”
Erik Erikson

Course Information

This course was created in response to our shared experience of lockdown: a time that has highlighted our needs and longings for one another; shedding light on what we are missing and what we find sustains us.

For many, this has led to rich but challenging reckonings about our lives with others. Being Human: the ways we need each other offers a spacious, refreshing route to support our reflections.

The course invites us to clarify the nature and quality of our interdependence, exploring – with a wonderful map from Kripalu’s Stephen Cope – six different types of relationship we need in order to thrive. When we sense the uniqueness and gifts of each, we deepen in understanding and empathy for ourselves and others.

This material is evocative and stirring, encouraging us to stay vividly alive and open; to celebrate our need for various others always; to deepen our perception and sensitivity, and continue to evolve and thrive across the arc of our lives.

Containment & Twinship

Adversity & Mirroring

Mystic Resonance & Conscious Partnership

Date: Ongoing through Spring

Time: Ongoing, at your own rhythm

Cost: Free or by Donation

Facilitator: Emma Philbin Bowman

Course Type: Online Course

Venue: Emma’s school on Teachable

About Me:

In creating this course, I draw on both my work as a psychotherapist and facilitator, and an immersion in meditative and relational spiritual practice. My approach is also influenced by a life-long love of language and appreciation of the value of inquiry.

Being Human is a pre-recorded course and is open to all. Donations are warmly appreciated, but by no means required. When you register, you receive access to the course for 100 days.

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